What is Artist and Product Development?
There was a time when record labels committed themselves more seriously to developing the careers of their recording artists. Today, it is much harder to find a record label committed to this goal. When a major label signs a new artist or band, they presume the act has sufficient musical, songwriting, and performance talent, and are ready for the big time. Up until the late 1980s most, record labels had a department within the company called Artist Development, and the job of that department was to support their acts’ creative side, while steadily developing a following for them. When sales of records increased with each release, the label stood by their acts, believing that the more the public heard their music, the bigger their popularity might grow, and the greater their popularity, the more records they would sell. Most of the ’70s Rock bands that dominate today’s Classic Rock radio format are examples of the old school version of Artist Development. By the early ’90s, most labels had changed the name of their Artist Development departments to Product Development. In other words, the emphasis changed from nurturing the growth of an artist and their music to high-pressure sales development tactics […]